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Bartholinitis : Overview, Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Therapy, Course And Prevention

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Bartholinitis is an inflammation of Bartholindrüsen (vestibular glands majores, “large vestibule glands”) or its ducts caused by various bacteria can be caused. Of a Bartholin exclusively affect women.

The Bartholindrüsen are located in the rear third of the large labia and open on both sides of the vaginal vestibule on the inside of the labia minora. Moisten the vagina during sexual intercourse .

Mostly replaced by a Bartholin on one side only. Causes are usually bacteria , which naturally for example on the skin , in the intestine or in the respiratory tract occur. Is less likely to have gonorrhea cause a Bartholin.

The disease is extremely painful . The area is heavily affected labia swollen and red . The Bartholin be prescribed medication.Sometimes the swelling is so severe that it closes the duct of the Bartholindrüse. Then accumulates pus – an abscess formed.Sometimes the doctor opened it with a scalpel, allow the pus to drain.

After therapy, the Bartholin usually heals without complications from. Has already formed an abscess (called Bartholin’s cyst), an adequate follow-up is important, so this collection of pus not reoccur. These include, for example, sitz baths are suitable.

bartholinitis Bartholinitis : Overview, Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Therapy, Course And Prevention


As Bartholinitis call physicians a single-or double-sided inflammation special glands in the vaginal area of women: the so-called Bartholindrüsen or its ducts. The Bartholindrüsen about two bean-sized , located on either side of the vaginal vestibule in the rear third of the labia majora glands whose ducts open onto the inner surface of the labia minora. During sexual arousal give the glands from a slimy mucus and moisten the vaginal opening.

The term “Bartholindrüsen” goes to the Danish anatomist Caspar Bartholinback (1655-1738). The corresponding glands in men are after the English anatomist William Cowper called (1666-1709) as the Cowper’s glands. They are next to the penis and empty their secretions directly into the urethra.


For Bartholinitis there are no exact figures on the frequency. However, it is believed that women are during puberty frequently affected.


In Bartholinitis include bacterial infections at the vaginal entranceto the typical causes of the disease. bacteria from the vaginal vestibule penetrate into the duct and cause inflammation. The infection can spread along the execution path to the mammary gland. As a result of the inflammatory swelling and bonding of the gland ductal can not empty itself. The secretion accumulates on itself and provides an ideal breeding ground pathogens. The tissue can fester and it is an abscess (Bartholini abscess) develop.

In Bartholinitis to these drivers is that the Bartholin’s cyst . Is one of the excretory ducts of the Bartholindrüsen laid to drain the gland secretions and not jammed up. This forms a cyst (fluid-filled sacs).The Bartholin’s cyst infected by bacteria , develops Bartholinitis.Conversely, a Bartholin is also one of the causes of Bartholin’s cyst.


In principle, for a Bartholin come all pathogens into account the human body usually inhabit , for example E. coli bacteria in the intestine , or Staphylococcus aureus , which is on the skin and in the upper respiratory tract is naturally occurring. Occasionally, a Bartholin but also by Neisseria gonorrhoeae , the causative agent of gonorrhea , or chlamydia trachomatis causes and can then sexually transmitted.

Incubation period

During the incubation period depends bartholinitis (time between infection and the onset of the disease) of the exciter and is, for example for Neisseria gonorrhoeae usually between two and four days .


A Bartholin cause various symptoms. The inflammation is very painful . Especially when walking and sitting is followed by severe pain on. Mostly concerns bartholinitis only the duct or the Bartholindrüse on a page. In the area of the labia of the affected side, it comes in the wake of an inflammatory redness and swelling than other Bartholinitis symptoms. The excretory duct of the affected Bartholindrüse may swell to such an extent that a large hen’s egg swelling occurs.


The gynecologist at Bartholinitis the diagnosis on the basis of typical symptoms . Takes is a simple pelvic exam from. Since different bacteria cause bartholinitis, the physician will pay for the diagnosis is to identify the pathogenFor this purpose he studied the inflammatory secretions at the vaginal opening, or from the Bartholin’s cyst. Pathogen detection in the diagnosis Bartholinitis particular serves to initiate the appropriate therapy – for example, against gonorrhea .


In a Bartholinitis the therapy depends on the extent of inflammation.In the early stage, sitz baths with disinfecting agents allow decay inflammation.

If the inflammation further advanced , the physician prescribes depending on the pathogen appropriate antibiotics such as ampicillin and sulbactam. Severe complaints help painkillers. Has been an abscess (collection of pus) formed, for example, promote warm compresses and sitz baths, the pus drained. After that, the better pain immediately. Will this Bartholinitis therapy without success, the doctor opens the abscess surgically .

Was the cause of one of the Bartholin gonorrhea , is part of the therapy and the treatment of the partner, as in this case, a sexually transmitted disease is present.



At a step bartholinitis serious complications only under a gonorrhea on, for example when it due to a chronic inflammation in permanent sterility thus infertility comes.


When the Bartholin’s prognosis is good . For the partner is, with the exception of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea , no risk of infection. The sexual intercourse is possible again once the person feels after the disease is able to feel and enjoy the challenge. Long-term effects are not expected in general.


To a recurrence of an abscess (collection of pus) to prevent at a Bartholin, one is aftercare sense. After the doctor opened the abscess, are disinfected sitz baths for post useful.


A Bartholinitis can by health measure prevented. In the case o fgonorrhea , the measures to prevent sexually transmitted infections: safe sex with condom.




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